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  • Political organization
    • What functions do governments perform?
    • Who holds power in society (power structure)?
    • How is power passed down?
    • Where does power reside (centralized or decentralized)?
  • Social structure and gender structure
    • Gender
      • What roles do men play in society?
      • What roles do women play in society?
    • Age
      • What roles to children and the elderly play in society?
    • Education
    • Social class
    • Disease
    • etc.
  • Economic structure of society
    • How do people earn a living?
    • What role does trade play in society?
    • How does labor get done in society? Who does it and how do they get paid?
    • What role does government play in the economy?
    • How does society judge or value various economic activities?
  • Cultural and intellectual developments and interactions
    • What is the role and impact of religion and philosophy?
    • What is the role and impact of art?
    • What is the role and impact of science (scientific knowledge)?
    • Cultural values, ceremonies, and celebrations?
  • Impact of technology
    • Political = weaponry for military
    • Economic = tools for agriculture, manufacturing, trade, banking
    • Social = how does technology impact gender roles and migration?
  • Impact of cross-culturalinteraction among major societies
  • What are the 3 vehicles of diffusion (spread)?
      • trade
      • war/empire
      • human migration
  • How does interaction lead to syncretism (blending)?
  • Change-Over-Time
    • How has something changed over time (change)?
    • How has something remained the same over time (continuity)?
  • Compare and Contrast
    • What are the similarities between societies?
    • What are the differences between societies?


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